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Unidrain Bathroom Products

In 2003, Unidrain was the first company in the world to develop a line drain to be placed against the wall in the shower area. Back then, high end floor drain design was a new and revolutionary concept. Since then, various products have been added, all with the same focus on both function and design.

Unidrain’s unique floor drain system became the preferred solution for the construction industry in just a few years.


There are now Unidrain installations all over the world, and Unidrain has become a synonym for modern floor drains. By constantly developing both construction and design, Unidrain aims not only to be the preferred floor drain system for the construction industry, but also to be the industry’s preferred supplier in the bathroom field.

Unidrain’s products can be used in all types of projects : both renovation and new builds, and in private and public-sector projects. All Unidrain products have been developed by Danish architects in close collaboration with experts in wet room technology, both locally and internationally.

Unidrain’s floor drains have won many internationally renowned design awards, including the ‘iF product design award’, ‘German Design Award’ and the ‘Danish Design Prize’. In 2015 Claus Dyre received the ‘Villum Foundation Building Component Prize’ for his invention of the linear floor drain.