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Roca Bathroom Products


Roca is a Spanish company dedicated to the design and manufacture of bathroom products, its commitment has resulted in it becoming an international leader in this area.

Manufacturers of brassware, sanitary ware, showers and furniture. Roca’s resolute focus on design, technology, sustainable development, and above all excellence, makes them a benchmark company deserving of such unrelenting success.

The adaptability of Roca's comprehensive product range, paired with the innovation that infiltrates every stage of its manufacture, has seen Roca reach its hundredth year in the industry.

The revolutionary technology used in Roca has made it a world leader in bathroom products and its innovative designs have made their own mark.

The durability of all its products is ensured by the fine - quality construction and the global presence in over 135 counties speaks volumes about their credibility too.

designer's choice

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A New Vintage

The Carmen Collection is inspired by an era characterised by elegance & attention to detail.


Elegance is present in all elements of this collection from sanitary ware, furniture to brassware & accessories.


The beautiful, nostalgic design of this collection is ideal for the classical designed bathroom.  

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A World Of Shapes

Innovation, design & style is the essence of the Modo Collection.

Made from the exclusive material - Surfex, a solid surface material allowing for the creation of shapes that were unthinkable until now!

Modo’s unique quality is that it can be moulded and sculptured into bespoke and individual pieces that will complement all interior décors.

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Your Style ...

The Inspira Collection has been designed with the three most essential geometrical shape and design lines in mind - round, soft (with soft angles) and square.

This versatile collection offers everything you need to create a truly individual bathroom space.

Your style ... Your bathroom

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