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Bette Bathroom Products,

 a German family run company, is a leading manufacturer of enamelled steel bathroom products. Since 1952, Bette have been producing premium architectural bathroom elements made of purely natural glazed titanium steel, exclusively “Made in Germany” in Delbrück.

Bette’s reputation for producing the finest titanium steel products is not only based upon their advanced bespoke manufacturing techniques but their longheld position at the forefront of innovation in bathroom design, allowing them to create flowing shapes with extraordinary craftsmanship and precision. Bette products are one of a kind, with a broad range of colours and sizes available to create an inspiring space in every bathroom design.

Bette unites humankind and water, steel and glass, architecture and form, function and sensuality. Individual needs are the entirety of their focus. Their passion and enthusiasm is channelled into creating new options for the bathroom as a living space. Bette views design as more than just that … they develop sensible architectural solutions with technical refinement and a high degree of aesthetic added value.

Bette redefine the limits of steel moulding on an ongoing basis, working closely with renowned designers, continually perfecting and refining the use of natural raw materials such as glass, water and steel to create the world’s most beautiful baths.

Bette is a name synonymous with timeless elegance, style, durability and unsurpassed quality.

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A Showering Oasis

The BetteFloor shower floor boasts an impressive design, without steeling the limelight.

Achieve the benefits of level access showering with the peace of mind of a shower tray.

The design offers ultimate comfort and is a harmonious addition to any bathroom design.

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The Ideal Material

Steel enamel at it's best ... glazed titanium steel by Bette.

Hygienic, impact & scratch resistant, heat conductive and resistant to chemicals & UV.

Exceptionally resilient & made to last almost for an eternity.

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Life With Colour

Create your own individual style ...


The Bette Colour Lab is constantly experimenting with new colours, colour concepts & surfaces.

A tremendous range of colours offered will bring a particular emotion or dynamic in to your bathroom.

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