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​Sonia Bathroom Products 

Sonia has a passion that goes beyond simply creating unique products for the bathroom. From accessories and furniture to basins, mirrors, and lights, Sonia believes in creating products with personality that improve people’s lives and their environment.

Our Favourite Brand  here at Bathworks …


Sonia Covers all aspects of Bathroom Accessory Sector. Consisting of 16 Individual Collections in A wide Variety Of Finishes and Designs Leaving a unique twist on any bathroom they feature in.


They Couple this with a Beautifully Designed range of furniture, Mirrors & Lights. The furniture range is extensive giving options for every bathroom requirement, In sizes the ranges go from 400mm all the way to 1600mm in multiple colour options and designs. Where the range becomes unique to most manufactures is the basin options with Solid Surface a mature feature in both Matt and gloss finishes Sonia also offer a extensive range of ceramic options for a more traditional finish. 

The major feature to Sonia is  the emphasis on quality and durabilty this is highlighted with the many leading Hotel chains throughout the world who use Sonia as there accessory of choice with a 10 year guarantee as standard.


Designer's Choice


Epoque The new Art Déco

Epoque, Sonia’s reinterpretation of the Art Déco.  An elegant contemporary furniture style with a custom design counter top creating an unique concept. A High quality manufactured piece with noble raw materials.

A Unique design and high end quality product  delivered in solid wood-frame construction and natural wood veneer.

The Epoque is offered to the market in three sizes 600,800 &1000mm. There are six finishes in colours, basin options include Polished and Matt Basins.

A true statement For any Art Deco Bathroom


Nomad Collection

Nomad Covers freestanding 

The main part of the collection is based in two main elements, a carved natural stone base and the bars, which also depending on the model, serve as towel rails or toilet roll holders. In both versions, the toilet brush and the toilet roll holder, Nomad offers mobility and flexibility in the bathroom and therefore maximum comfort.
Nomad is a two-line design: Vanguard in one side, a modern-contemporary line and Classic, with a vintage and traditional touch.

See the store for more details on colours and finishes in the range. 

Sonia Look.jpg

Its In the Small Touches

Sonia offer one of the most extensive ranges of All Bathroom accessories on the market with multiple finishes throughout the range. 

The above image shows the quick urban range, you will see throughout the collection loads of unique items that have been designed to deal with 21st century living.  in this photo is shows the quick toilet roll holder with Shelf perfect for phone storage. With newspapers becoming a thing of the past this is a must for any bathroom readers. 

See the store for more info on these products  

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