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Fiora Bathroom Products

“Skin is the obsession that we think about, feel & work with” ...

Fiora’s passion & desire is to develop the sensual & tactile experience within the bathroom environment. A Spanish company located in the Rioja region, texture & colour are the very essence of this company and the main protagonist in all of the products that Fiora makes.

Fiora is the European leader in the manufacture of resin shower trays. In addition, Fiora produces resin panels, bathroom furniture, radiators and accessories.

Fiora, is the first shower tray to revolutionize the bathroom market. Both by virtue of its designs and technology, as well as its incredible features, Silex has marked a watershed in shower tray creation. The excellent quality of the materials make Silex outstanding. From the endless possibilities of colour, textures and bespoke sizes available, Fiora offers an infinity of design and decoration possibilities in the bathroom.

The manufacturing of all Fiora products is with the most advanced technical methods and with the precision and conscientiousness of traditional craftsmanship, which distinguishes them from the competition.

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The New Star

With the wonderful range of colours & textures Fiora offer, your showering space can become the new star of the bathroom.

Whether you would like to  complement your decor or create a striking contrast, your showering space will be your oasis.

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Touch ...

The sense of touch is Fiora’s passion …


Fiora create showering spaces that be felt and enjoyed beyond the sense of sight.

The pleasant touch under your feet helps you relax while the anti slip benefits offer you peace of mind.

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Custom Sizes

Fiora's extensive range of standard size shower trays means there is always a Fiora option for your bathroom.

Fiora is all about adaptability! ... Shower trays can be cut on site to suit the space or alternatively Fiora can custom make a tray to suit your own personal requirements.

With Fiora, there is always a solution for complex spaces such as corners, columns and inclined walls 

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