Reframe Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Set || Polished Steel

The Reframe Collection by Unidrain is reframing the existing, bringing new functionality into bathroom accessories.


An exclusive and unique series of bathroom accessories grounded in Scandinavian design and quality. Each product is designed with innovative, unique and intelligent features to improve functionality.


Having a toilet brush has never been more stylish and hygienic. During the design process, a great deal of thought was given to hygiene.

The inner plastic container has a splash guard, which extends over the outer cover and ensures that no bacteria can get in between the two.

As an extra hygienic solution, the inner container is fitted with a ‘tap’ to make it easy to empty the container without coming in to contact with bacteria.

The brush head is designed to collect as little water and paper as possible, thus reducing unwanted dripping of toilet water. The brush head is also replaceable and can be easily exchanged.


Choose between a wall mounted and a floor standing model.


Five different finish options give you the possibility of matching all metal details, conveying a subtle feeling of luxury.

Made from Stainless Steel, choose between Brushed or Polished Steel, Brass, Copper and Black.

Reframe Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Set || Polished Steel

  • Height :: 416mm