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Soap Dispensers

Bathroom soap dispensers are those finishing touches which can add a bit more personality to your bathroom. Getting a luxury soap dispenser can add that final touch of class you have been looking for giving your Bathroom a real Boutique Feel. Furthermore, it also stops you from having to add clutter to your basin worktop and achieving that minimal Look

There are plenty of different style dispensers to choose from, including wall mounted soap dispensers and Freestanding Soap dispensers. With both modern and traditional dispensers available at Bathworks, you should be able to add the finishing touches to any bathroom! All of our dispensers are available in a number of different luxury finishes, such as chrome, stainless steel and Matt Black. We offer a 10 Year guarantee on all of are accessories and even sell the spares if needed for all items i.e Glass, Soap Pumps in case of any accidents in the future.

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