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Geberit Bathroom Products

Quality, reliability and innovation have long been tradition at Geberit. Since being founded in 1874 in Switzerland, Geberit have played an active role in shaping the developments in the bathroom industry, becoming a European leader in the field of sanitary products.

Distinct innovative strength is a trademark of Geberit. From creating the first concealed cistern in 1964, to bringing shower toilet technology to the European market with Geberit AquaClean, Geberit have been at the forefront of bathroom innovation for over 140 years. Other innovations include touchless flushing, wall mounted toilets and integrated odour-extraction, giving you freedom to create the bathroom design of your dreams.

Geberit’s total focus on performance means their products combine safety, durability and advanced functionality. Responsibly made from the finest, durable materials, Geberit products are a perfect balance of elegant design and outstanding function.

With five inspirational ceramic ranges and an unrivalled behind-the-wall technology, Geberit bring Swiss precision to everything they do. Geberit has received a range of awards for the brand’s innovative strength, product design and its strong focus on sustainability and was named one of the Most Innovative Companies in the World by Forbes in 2017.

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A New Experience

Experience the gentle cleaning with water with the Geberit AquaClean shower toilets.


A new feeling of being fully clean and fresh at the touch of a button with the shower toilet.


Enjoy the fresh and clean feeling all day long!

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All About Choice

Geberit combines visual elegance with innovative functions, allowing you to find the right flush plate to give any bathroom that finishing touch.

With different designs, materials, colours and surface finishes, Geberit has a wide variety of flush plates to suit any bathroom design.

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Functional Beauty

Want a wall mounted or back to wall pan?  ... but do not want to disturb the beauty of an existing wall ...

With the Geberit Monolith, you do not need to compromise, opening up unexpected possibilities when it comes to bathroom design. 

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