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Designer Towel Radiator

Radiators are an essential asset to every household, so why do so many settle for those old, bulky and unreliable white blocks which pull from the overall look of your home. Radiators are particularly important in perfecting the bathroom design. The last place you want to be cold in your home is your bathroom; it’s supposed to be you unique personal space tailored space to get your ready for the day ahead. Don’t let a lousy radiator ruin this. At Bathworks we offer a wide variety of different modern designer radiators and electric designer radiators from leading brands. Our range is made up of Reina & Phoenix designer radiators to combine both functionality and style. A designer bathroom radiator is guaranteed to increase the ambience of your room and make those early weekday mornings that little bit easier. Heat and warmth are necessities, there’s no need to put up with the stress of an unreliable and under-performing radiator anymore!

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