Vitra Bathroom Products 

Vitra’s quest is to create beautiful, inspiring bathroom environments, and to change our perception of the bathroom from that of a purely functional space in to something much more, turning an essential, everyday experience into something beautiful, relaxing and life enriching.

Vitra bathroom products are designed to combine beauty with practicality, offering the very best in comfort, storage and ease of maintenance.

In addition to their highly accomplished in-house design team, Vitra have collaborated closely with a world class team of independent designers, each with their own creative instinct and flair for bathroom aesthetics and functionality such as Ross Lovegrove, German design studio NOA & Christophe Pillet to name but a few. These strong collaborations have enabled Vitra to push the creative boundaries of bathroom design.

The superior design, quality and innovation behind Vitra’s products has been acknowledged by some of the world’s most prestigious design awards such as ‘Design Plus’, ‘iF Design Award’ and ‘Elle Deco Design Award’