Reframe Corner Shower Shelf || Polished Steel

The Reframe Collection by Unidrain is reframing the existing, bringing new functionality into bathroom accessories.


An exclusive and unique series of bathroom accessories grounded in Scandinavian design and quality. Each product is designed with innovative, unique and intelligent features to improve functionality.


This adjustable corner shower or bath shelf is optimal for smaller bathrooms, but still offers enough space for the necessary bathroom products.

It is made from reinforced steel sheet for increased stability and has thin grooves, which ensures that water does not accumulate.

On the top of the shelf there is an anti-slip barrier that holds things in place when the shelf is wet.

The smart suspension gives the shelf a light and almost floating expression. The suspension is also provided with an innovative feature that allows the shelf to be adapted to corners that are not exactly 90°.


Five different finish options give you the possibility of matching all metal details, conveying a subtle feeling of luxury.

Made from Stainless Steel, choose between Brushed or Polished Steel, Brass, Copper and Black.

Reframe Corner Shower Shelf || Polished Steel

Finish ::
  • Width :: 288mm

    Depth :: 211mm

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