Non Drill Adhesive Backplate Square Shower Basket Range

Sonia's Lightweight baskets system has been developed to apply a wall mounted shower basket that requires no drilling to mount the Shower basket onto the wall. The lighweight construction of the product allows for the use of the non drill adhesive fitting with peace of mind the product will stay put over time, Each Non drill fitting is tested to a 5kg strength per fitting to allow for the use of heavy shower bottles. 


This Shower basket comes in 4 sizes and and requires the addtional pruchase of the below Non drill Fxiing

157570 €22.50 per fitting. 


The corner and 270mm single level Lightweight baskets require two fittings to attach to the wall, 

The double tier unit requires 4 fittings to attacht to the wall. 


This is an ideal souloution if you are renting a property or have pruchased porcelain and dont want to run the risk of drilling and damaging the tiled area. 


Non Drill Adhesive Backplate Square Shower Basket Range

SKU: 157570
  • A:: 45mm

    B:: 70mm

    C:: 20mm